A Family Tradition


Fine Homes

Craftsmanship. Integrity. Quality.

For over two decades, the Parker family has built their business on three defining features; unique craftsmanship, uncompromising business ethics and the highest quality product.


New home building has a rich and distinctive history. Traditionally, families and neighbors joined together to create homes and communities. Outstanding workmanship has always been the foundation of superior new homes. R.S. Parker Homes brings that spirit of tradition, cooperation and community back to this century. Innovative ideas, decades of experience, and both traditional and cutting-edge building plans make R.S. Parker communities a testament to true craftsmanship, which is now a rarity.


R.S. Parker approaches the construction of each new home as if a family member requested it. That means they pay as much attention to what is behind the walls as they do what is visible outside the walls. The integrity of construction is maintained with careful consideration for each step in the process, both inside and out, which provides a home that is rewarding and desirable. After all, the Parkers are not merely erecting a structure; they are creating a legacy – homes built to last.


R.S. Parker takes pride in the process of building new homes. It is as simple as that…they have enthusiasm for what they do and are committed to the best customer care. As a result, details are important and problems are solved. Perhaps that’s why R.S. Parker Homes has achieved success in both the residential and commercial arenas. The company has refurbished hurricane stricken condos in South Carolina, developed and constructed both commercial and industrial properties in North Carolina, as well as renovated condominiums in Virginia. R.S. Parker Homes continues to develop communities and build homes in both North and South Carolina.


R. S. Parker Homes has spent decades building relationships in the local market.  As a local builder, they are in demand and thriving in a very competitive market against multiple national companies. They have selected locations for neighborhoods that bring instant value because of proximity to shopping, recreation and medical facilities.